Saturday, August 21, 2010

Global Race For Heroes

The below boat trip was sponsored by Norm Miller’s group called I AM SECOND. During our voyage their web site went over one million visitors.
The boat is the smallest powerboat to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean. It received hundreds and hundreds of news articles all over the world. The below article came out of Yacht Magazine, in China. The boat has been requested by a Maritime Museum.

We are in the process of planning to break the record for the fastest powerboat to circumnavigate the globe. We are looking to name the vessel in honor of who ever provides the capital to make it happen. We are looking for $350,000 to get Dream Boats Global Started. In addition to getting 10% of Dream Boats Global we will name the 33 ft version after this person. We expect it to get ten times the publicity the Intruder 21 got and to end up in a museum.

The current record belongs to the New Zealand built Andy Gil, formerly known as Earthrace. It is about time to improve the technology and to break the record at a fraction of the cost or carbon foot print as the Andy Gil. The publicity will be used to raise funds for Heroes Foundation.

Contact Ralph Brown, 352-346-236

Friday, February 22, 2008

Intruder One to cross the Atlantic

For Details Go To

We are taking the same boat, Intruder One, to Europe. We will be changing the name of the vessel to: "The Great American Spirit" or to "The Spirit of Florida", the final decision has not been made yet. We may go with "a name provided by a sponsor". We are waiting to find that particular sponsor.

Lord Willing, we will be the first in world history to cross the Atlantic in a flats boat. Large areas of shallow water are called "Flats". Boats designed to operate in these shallow waters are called "Flats Boats". Generally they are low profile open fishing boats.

We believe the Intruder is the "World's Most Seaworthy Flats Boat". What do you think? On the last trip we went 1547 miles and encountered some rather large waves with winds in excess of 30 mph. We never felt like we were in danger. We had estimated the waves at 6 - 8 feet, the reports said 3 meter ( 9 & 1/2 feet). When I asked Bob if he wanted to come again, he thought about it for about two seconds. He responded, "I am all over that."

The trip is tentatively planned for a June 27, 2009 with a departure from Tampa, Florida. The current plan is to stop in Ft Meyers; Key Largo; Ft Lauderdale; Cape Canaveral; Jacksonville; Savannah, Ga; Morehead City, N.C.; Norfolk, Va; New York,NY; Boston,Ma; three stops in Canada; Greenland; Iceland; Scotland; Ireland; London: Paris; and Hamburg Germany. The total trip is approximately 6,200 miles and will take approximately 26 days, depending upon the weather and how adventurous we are we may stop for fishing, surfing, skiing etc.

We are currently talking with two groups about making a reality adventure TV show out of the trip. There is a tremendous market for that kind of real life danger. More details can be seen at

We will be wearing Mustang Survival Suits. No emergency kit is complete without survival suits.

We plan to have a "Google Earth" gps tracking device link so that you can follow our exact location at the time of departure. As it gets closer we will update this blog.

On the last trip we lived off of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail, Granola Bars, and Gatorade.
We are attempting to get them as sponsors. If you have a inside contact, please forward it to me. They make great survival foods.

No, I do not know what the Las Vegas odds makers are saying.
I I believe the odds are 100% that we will make it, Lord Willing, of course. We are guaranteed to have problems. We don't even know what the problems will be. We plan to handle them and go on. That being said, Please keep us in your prayers!

We are still looking for sponsors, as it is expected that this trip will make the national media stage. Contact me at:
Or Call Ralph at 352-346-2365

or go to the web page:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Next World Record

There are three other records that really grab my attention: The Blue Riband (Ribbon), the Hales Trophy, and the UNIM Circumnavigation. The Blue Riband is given to the fastest non stop passenger carrying vessel to cross the Atlantic. The Hales Trophy is also given to the same vessel. They added the Hales Trophy in 1935. Ships companies and countries fight over those awards. We, Lord Willing, will bring them home.

As for the Unim Circumnavigation, the current record was set by the CABLE AND WIRELESS approximately ten years ago. Two teams have tried to circumnavigate the earth in less than 75 days with a private powerboat, two teams have failed.

I have been working on a design to break these records for more than one year. We are now putting together a list of persons who would like to be crew members, team members, sponsors, and owners of the Intruder 72 that will break the record in April of 2009.

The budget for the World Record Setting Trip is $400,000. We will be selling advertising space on the hull, website, T-Shirts, and other promotional items to cover this expense. Contact for details. Dream Boats, Inc. maintains the right to accept or reject advertisers.

The Intruder 72, with an estimated value of $3,500,000, will be a high speed, high efficiency, cruising yacht. The first one can be bought preconstruction for $2,000,000. This owner will not only own the first one, but will own the one holding the World Record Title, Lord Willing!

If a buyer is not found in sufficient time, the trip will be delayed.

For information on becoming a team member, crew member, owner, or investing in Dream Boats, Inc. ($10,000 minimum) email you name, address, phone, and alt phone to

Believe it or not a book has been written on our escapades, you might want to get the Book at